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December 28, 2006 - 4:44 p.m.

Christmas 2006

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The whole Christmas weekend was wonderful.

Christmas Eve there was a sunset to beat them all as we drove along Ocean Beach on our way to cocktail hour at the Cliff House. All the players showed up for drinks and we headed out for an enormous crab feast, lobster bibs tied around our necks. More cocktails and a dance party in the Sunset followed. There were butterscotch haystacks and giant peanut butter chocolate cookies that were �ber yummy. There was a sad game of charades that made us all cry as we laughed. There was in �incident� with the bottom of Darin�s shoe. There was also more champagne than I thought possible.

Christmas Day we woke and had an enormous breakfast of panettone french toast and watched Grey Gardens after opening presents. After that, none of us could stop saying, �but things are getting bet-ter!� We rolled over to Potrero Hill around five and proceeded to stuff ourselves with all sorts of delights. It was fun to hear all the translation between the English- and Italian-speaking members of our table. I was happy how much I was able to pick up. I�ve decided to take Italian language classes this year.

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Tomorrow morning we leave for Memphis. The third trip this year. Off to see the Reigning Sound for New Years Eve!

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